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Full-arch restoration in Sonoma and Napa, CA
Full-arch restoration in Sonoma and Napa, CA

Full-Arch Restoration

Restore Your Smile With Long-Term Results

If you suffer from several missing or failing teeth and are looking for a comfortable and long-term tooth replacement option, a full-arch restoration procedure may be right for you. 

Full-arch restoration restores an entire arch of teeth at once. Combining the natural look, feel, and function of dental implants with the simplicity of replacing several teeth at once, full-arch restoration eliminates the inconvenience of dentures while providing a complete, secure smile makeover. 

If you are experiencing severe tooth loss in one or both dental arches, contact Napa Sonoma Oral Surgery & Dental Implants to see if you qualify for full-arch restoration. Our oral surgeon, Dr. Tyler Boynton, specializes in implant dentistry and helping more patients achieve a complete, healthier, and more confident smile. Contact our offices in Sonoma or Napa, CA, today to schedule a consultation. 

How Full-Arch Restoration Works

The full-arch prosthesis sits on as few as four dental implant posts, creating a sturdy and secure foundation with long-term results. After the implant posts are placed, you will receive a temporary prosthesis to wear while you heal. The healing process takes several months, during which the implant posts will integrate with the jaw bone. The temporary prosthesis will look just like an arch of natural teeth. Once healed, your restorative dentist will place the final prosthesis that is custom-made for your smile.

Full-Arch Restoration Process

At the first visit, Dr. Boynton will perform an oral examination and take 3D scans of your mouth. We will discuss your options for tooth restoration and anesthesia prior to any surgery. If you have been missing teeth for some time, the jaw bone has likely deteriorated in those areas. If there is not enough jaw bone to place dental implants, we will use bone grafts to stimulate the growth of new bone. Once the grafts have healed, you will then be ready for dental implant placement. 

When it's time to place your implants, your oral surgeon will administer the selected form of anesthesia and insert the dental implants into the dental arch. Some patients only require four implant posts, while others require more. A temporary denture will be attached to the posts and you will walk out of our office with a brand new smile. 

Once the implant posts have healed, your dentist will attach the final prosthesis. In some cases, the final prosthesis is made in advance and attached at the same time as the surgical procedure. We will outline the details and timeline of your treatment during the consultation.

A Team Committed to Your Oral Health

We put patient safety and comfort at the forefront of our practice to ensure better oral health outcomes and experiences. Contact us to find out how our trusted team of oral surgery specialists can help you and your loved ones.