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Dental Implants in
Napa, CA

Dental Implants in
Napa, CA

Adult teeth are meant to last a lifetime, but trauma or disease can cause them to decay or fall out. When one or more teeth need to be replaced, many patients turn to dental implants. This tooth restoration solution integrates with the jaw bone, replicating the benefits and function of a healthy, natural tooth.

When you are missing a tooth, you may feel as though you should hide your smile or cover your mouth. Dental implants have helped thousands of patients restore confidence to their smile through long-term tooth restoration. At Napa Sonoma Oral Surgery & Dental Implants, we want to help you restore missing teeth and feel great about your smile, and we offer dental implants as the healthiest and long-lasting solution.

A dental implant is made of three parts:

  • Post. An implant post is made of medical-grade titanium and is inserted into the jaw bone. It acts just like a natural tooth’s root and creates a permanent and solid foundation for the implant.
  • Abutment. This small piece is attached to the implant post and connects the implant to the crown.
  • Crown. The visible part of your replacement tooth is custom-made to match the shape and color of your other teeth. This makes your dental implant indistinguishable from your natural teeth.

As an oral surgeon, Dr. Boynton and Dr. McMahon specialize in implant dentistry and restorative treatments. Our Napa offices are equipped with advanced 3D CBCT scanning technology, which helps create surgical guides and plans your dental implant treatment with great precision. Visit our Dental Implant FAQ page to learn more about commonly asked questions.

Types of Dental Implants

Restoring missing teeth with dental implants is a versatile treatment that can be catered to your exact needs. During the first visit, Dr. Boynton or Dr. McMahon will evaluate your oral health and create your custom treatment plan.

  • Single Dental Implants. One implant post and crown can replace a single missing tooth, including front or back teeth and canines.
  • Immediate Implants. Dr. Boynton or Dr. McMahon can insert an implant post into the empty socket immediately following a tooth extraction, reducing the appointments needed to replace the tooth.
  • Implant-Supported Bridges. One implant post can support a bridge where multiple teeth are missing. This eliminates the need to grind down your healthy teeth to fit the bridge.
  • Full-Arch Restoration. Multiple implant posts can secure a fixed denture, resulting in a brand new and fully functioning smile. This is ideal for patients missing many or all teeth.

Benefits of Dental Implants

  • Permanent. Your replacement teeth can last a lifetime when cared for properly.
  • Balanced Facial Aesthetics. The custom-made crown is designed just for you to create the most natural results possible and restore facial balance.
  • Improved Confidence. The days of hiding your smile or being embarrassed about removable dentures are in the past. Now, you can enjoy a complete and secure smile.
  • Enjoy Food. Dental implants function like natural teeth, meaning you can eat your favorite foods without removing dentures or moving parts.
  • Improve Bone Health. The post fuses to the jaw bone and provides stimulation during chewing, preventing the bone from deteriorating over time. Tooth loss causes the jaw bone to deteriorate due to lack of stimulation, and dental implants help prevent this.
  • Versatility. You can receive as few or as many implants as you need for your smile, so long as you have enough jaw bone to support them.
  • Prevent Shifting. With an implant post and crown inserted where a tooth was missing, adjacent teeth will not shift into the open space, preserving your natural alignment.
  • Many Candidates. If your jaw lacks adequate bone, we can place a bone graft to promote bone growth. If you’re healthy enough for a generic surgical procedure, you’re likely healthy enough to receive implants.

Cost of Dental Implants in Napa, CA

Napa Sonoma Oral Surgery & Dental Implants in Napa, CA, offers restorative dental implant treatment and other procedures at affordable rates to our patients. Every treatment is tailored to the exact needs of each patient, and therefore the cost can vary. The biggest factors influencing the cost of dental implants include insurance coverage, type and number of implants, your choice of anesthesia, and if you require bone grafting or other procedures.

Visit our Financial & Insurance Options page to learn more about your payment options or contact us with questions. Our office works with several insurance plans and our administrative staff is always here to provide assistance.

The Value of Dental Implants

There are many reasons to consider dental implants for your tooth restoration needs. They offer many benefits over removable dentures and bridges, and are the only solution for missing teeth that prevents bone atrophy by fusing to the jaw bone. Patients often find it inconvenient to remove dentures during meals and brushing. Dentures must also be cleaned using special rinses and should be replaced every few years.

Your dental implant remains in your mouth at all times, including during meals, so you never have to go without teeth. To maintain proper oral hygiene, simply brush and floss your implant regularly, just like a natural tooth. Your implant will feel, look, and function just like your other natural teeth. In fact, many people won’t be able to tell which tooth is the implant. The results are natural and beneficial to your oral health and with high success rates, it’s clear why so many patients choose dental implants to replace one or more missing teeth.

3D Scanning and Surgical Planning

Our office in Napa is equipped with 3D scanning technology, which we often use at the consultation. This technology provides our team with instantly viewable, detailed images of your mouth and facial structure. We are able to view these images from virtually every angle and determine the location of roots and facial nerves to avoid during surgery. One 3D scan takes only seconds to complete and exposes patients to less radiation than traditional X-rays.

3D scans also help in the creation of surgical guides that tell our doctors the exact location and angle needed when placing dental implants. This technology leads to more accurate dental implant surgery with no surprises and predictable surgical outcomes.