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Pain Control After Surgery

Pain Control After Surgery

We want every patient to feel comfortable before, during, and after their oral surgery procedure at Napa Sonoma Oral Surgery & Dental Implants. However, some discomfort can be expected after an oral surgery procedure. To reduce the undesirable side effects and mitigate the risk of misuse and addiction commonly associated with the opioid pain medications commonly prescribed, Napa Sonoma Oral Surgery & Dental Implants offers several options for pain relief to alleviate post-operative discomfort.

At our practice in Sonoma or Napa, CA, we offer a revolutionary delayed-release formulation of a local anesthetic during your procedure that is slowly released over the following two to three days. Not only does this provide a faster recovery with fewer side effects, but the formulation is completely opioid-free!

We offer this opioid-free alternative to pain management in a dedicated effort to moderate the number of opioid prescriptions, reduce the risk of addiction, and minimize the dangers opioid drugs can present.

As a part of your treatment plan at Napa Sonoma Oral Surgery & Dental Implants, we can offer alternatives to reduce or even eliminate the need for prescription opioid medications following your procedure. We are committed to providing every patient with the highest standard of care at every stage of their treatment and believe in offering this valuable non-opioid pain management option.

Post-Surgical Pain Control in Sonoma and Napa, CA

If you have any questions about this new non-opioid pain management option or would like to learn more about your options following surgery, please contact our practice. We will work with you to design a comprehensive treatment plan that best suits your needs.